A complete branding solution
Everything starting from business email, inclusive reports, widgets & tools are oriented with your brand logo.
Exciting & intelligent dashboard features

Get noticed online anytime and from anywhere with Localtracer’s intelligence package.

Manage multi locations

Update, sync and manage multi business locations using AI.

Data breach

Your data is secure with us. No one can access your business data except you.

Fix bad info

Your customer will always be update with correct business locations of yours.

Strong presence

Make a strong online presence of your business in search. Be everywhere.

Develop customer reviews

Generate auto reviews, increase customer ratings & lot more.

Create goodwill

Advance dashboard features that keep you updated about customers.

Valuable insights

Analyze performance reports & track your business foot prints with Localtracer.

Track Performance

Create reports so that you can measure your online progress globally.

Access unlimited number of clients from multi location

Localtracer has intelligent features that enable you to manage multi business locations along with end number of customers. Work smart with us. Take your business to next level.

Detailed Reporting

A complete report of viewers visiting your business profile, searching your, calling or asking for your directions on Google maps, Google search, Facebook & other websites. You have it all.

Make your own pricing plan

With us you can always have the liberty to price your own way. We help you engineer a pricing plan that you will charge your customer with.

World class support system

We offer 24x7 support to you so that you don’t get stuck in the backwaters of long waiting hours or phone hang up problems. We deliver what we say. Don’t believe us?

Let Your Business Explore New success

See how you can empower your business with Localtracer.